Questions we are asked all the time

Why are these boards seconds/ GRADE B BOARDS, have they been used before?

No these boards have come straight to us from the manufacture, Kingspan and Recticel even drop them off to us directly. They are seconds due to not looking as pretty as first quality board. Some might have foil over hanging or the foam hasn’t come all the way to the edge. 




Do you have different sizes?

We have everything from 20mm to 200mm, obviously our stock amount will change, but if you don’t ask you won’t know. We even some times have thicker and thinner, so please don’t think that our only stock is 70mm, 80mm or 90mm. 



Why is there a 10mm tolerance?

Every board, even first quality boards, will have a tolerance, it’s just we tell you about it.




How long will my boards take to come?

Delivery is normally 5-15 WORKING DAYS (day after order), please note the working days part. We only work Monday to Friday, so your boards will only be delivered on a weekdays. Orders placed on weekends will be processed on Monday, so delivery will be from day after order is processed.



Can my boards come quicker if I pay more?

It is a possibility, but there would be a minimum charge of £75, depending on where delivery is going.You are always more than welcome to collect from our Presteigne branch (LD8 2UF)



Is the thermal value affected?

In one word, no




What board should I use?

We couldn’t tell you that sorry. But your building regulator would let you know what thickness they want or what u-value, and with that you can contact Kingspan Help Line and they will tell you what board to use. There number is 01544 387 382 (they are very helpful).