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Questions we are asked all the time

Are your prices + VAT?

Yes. All our prices on the shop are VAT exclusive. The VAT will be added when you checkout.

Why are these boards seconds/ GRADE B BOARDS, have they been used before?

No, these boards have come straight to us from the manufacturer. They are cosmetic seconds. Ripple in the foil, variance in thickness. 




Do you have different sizes?

We have everything from 20mm to 200mm. Our stock amount does change and we cannot guarantee what stock we have coming in, as we just don't know.



Why is there a 10mm tolerance?

All boards have a tolerance, even first quality have a tolerance of +5/-3. Some more than others, another reason why they get classed as seconds.




How long will my boards take to come?

Delivery is normally 5-10 working days. 


What board should I use?

We don't deal with the U Values. Your building regulator will let you know what thickness they want.


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